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Weddings Simplified

 At Kisses By Candlelight, we believe that time spent to make someone smile is time well spent! That’s why we bring to you a wide array of services under one big happy umbrella! When your wedding dreams take wings, our team takes to the drawing board. We strive to make your wedding as customized and perfect as you want it with a minimum amount of stress about execution and logistics at your end.   

What we do for your 'I Do'

 We offer end-to-end solutions without the rigidity of a package system. Apart from the regular services like venue, F&B, entertainment and décor, we also provide specialized services like On-site support, Arrival/Departure arrangement, RSVP calls, Styling, Pre-wedding parties and many more. We aim to ensure that every smile in your wedding album is a smile of satisfaction!  

Designing for Memories

We create innovative, talked about concepts to make your wedding memorable in every mind. What’s more, Our core team brings to the table an industry experience of over 12 years, strong organizational dynamics, a positive and patient attitude, and an innate desire to create unique experiences for each of our clients – without budget ever being a constraint. 

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